Helen Tran

Helen Tran

I've been designing for 14+ years, mostly software. When I’m not working on the internet I like to build businesses. I seek pragmatic efficiency and love finding ways to Do Things Optimally.™️

One of my longest stints was at Shopify, as it scaled from 300 to 4000+ employees, working on the foundations of their App Platform and their Product Design team in Toronto. After Shopify, I founded a company called Jupiter to build software for solo salon owners.

In Canada, my work is used by a couple of large grocery chains and by mostly everyone buying a movie ticket online. Worldwide, it has impacted 1,000,000+ entrepreneurs, the developers building for them, and their customers buying through social media.

These days I'm:

  • Building a CPG start-up
  • Competing as a bodybuilder and attempting to earn my IFBB Pro card
  • Occasionally training and helping people reach their body composition goals
  • Studying exercise science, nutrition, and dietetics

I’m intensely curious and don’t have much of a kill-switch. You could say it’s my defining feature.


I like to work with and hang around people who are direct, thoughtful, and funny. Preferably looking for a combination of all three in spades. I am open to considering positions as a Product Designer at the moment.

@tranhelen on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Work Experience


CEO / Founder at Jupiter Remote

Started the whole thing, set the vision, hired the people, raised some money, designed and created the product and go-to-market strategy, and a whole whack of everything else.


Product Design Educator at Bloc & Freelance Remote

Taught students who are exploring Design as a new career path or looking to level up their technical and soft skill-set. Designed a curriculum with individual learning paths. My students have been placed in roles at Google, Looker, PartnerStack, HomeAway/VRBO, and various other companies.


Product Design Management Consultant at Freelance Remote

Consulted on building design teams and overall product strategy in fast-growth companies.


Product Designer → Design Lead at Shopify Toronto, ON

Worked as a designer across a number of teams to help define what commerce looks like in the future from the Themes, to the API team, to the Sales Channel team, Channel Platform, and App Platform team. Eventually transitioned to management and technical leadership building a team from 5 → 30 designers and handled whatever that entailed.


Designer / Product Designer / Brand Designer / Art Director Toronto, ON / Remote

Design and consulting for early-stage and fast-growth companies. There isn’t one area of design I haven’t put my hands on from logos to billboards to way-finding to annual reports to websites. Sometimes I even code.

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