Why Jupiter

Published November 02, 2018

Everyone owes themselves a moment or two after a reasonable time of exploration to ask, “What are you uniquely primed to do?” In an attempt to answer this question myself, I spent some time thinking about the world from which I came and the world I wanted to be a part of.

The World I Was Born Into

I was born into a trade family. My parents worked trade professions long into the evenings and weekends–more than is reasonable for two adults in their mid-20s. For a number of years I was with someone else to be monitored. It was comforting, not saddening, to know there was another group of people to look after me.

A church community, work colleagues, immigration sponsors, extended family, and many neighbours raised me. Everyone else worked trades too. Some evenings were spent at my parents’ workplaces (hair salons, dry cleaners, etc.) waiting for them to be done work so we could go home.

I thought it was normal. I was told by other people later on throughout my life that there was a host of other adjectives to call it. None of them included “normal” but a good lot of them had something to do with money and respect. More specifically, lack of both. They seemed correlated somehow.

“What does your mommy do?”
“She’s a hair stylist.”

The Worlds I Passed Through

As I grew older, my fascination with money and respect deepened. I learned more about how people valued time and how much money they would be willing to trade for it. I became a workaholic. I learned about power structures and how freedom is so closely tied to financial stability. I became a hippy. I learned about the tech industry, abuse, and my own identity. I became a raging feminist.

All of these trips through different worlds led me back to a group of people who I’ve known my whole life: minorities (PoC & female) who work in service professions. My mom. My aunts. People’s wives.

It wasn’t always that clear–I went through many years wondering who I wanted to serve only to realize I was gravitating towards a certain group of people. I could watch them run their businesses all day–and I have… for fun.

Passion isn’t picky about where it’s directed.

The World I Want To Live In

Technology is meant to aid not replace,” is a motto I like to build alongside. I believe, ultimately, in social relationships being the purpose and reason for existence and that we should be spending more time with each other.

Unfortunately a lot of ‘tech’ (by average definition) is built to further silo us in our interest bubbles, reduce in-person interactions, and turn our attention inwards to only our own family units. I don’t want to live in that world.

I’m lucky enough to have a skillset that could help. There’s a great amount of people who aren’t up-to-date (either by choice or through lack of resources) with the latest technology. If those communities had access to basic tools, it could greatly change the way they did business and hopefully, the way they look at themselves too.

My hope is Jupiter creates to aid in building connective communities without removing in-person interactions. Of course, I don’t believe Jupiter will be the only thing pushing towards this. It’s simply my way to take one small step towards it.

Why Jupiter

‘Jupiter’ has long been a strong symbol across the world representing refreshes, good fortune, and success. I leaned towards the name because it represented a very personal journey for myself and I’m hoping it serves as an inspirational symbol for others too.

Starting a new business often means starting over. A start-up demands new skills, engaging environments, and fresh mindsets. And, of course, we wish all customers good fortune in their journey.

My mission isn’t dramatic–I have no desire to go to Mars, or find a way for us to use something that isn’t coal, or run medical tests off a drop of blood. I want to lower the barrier for financial stability for service professionals. I’m starting with the beauty and personal care industries because that’s the world that shaped me.

I have long-term visions for Jupiter for sure but this is where I’m starting.

If you’re reading this and you also would like to live in that world too, we’d love to chat with you. Keep an eye out for our careers page for positions that may overlap with your interests.