Nurturing the Novice

A novice’s output is really special. Not only are they creating during a time of little pressure, they output an extraordinary amount of energy that others rarely match. When nurtured with frequent and positive feedback loops, this period can be a great contributor to creative fulfillment.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. - Picasso

After long projects, my interest in my work dips ever-so-slightly and I get the itch. Maybe I have to change projects. Maybe I have to change teams. Maybe I have to change companies. Out With The Old.

It’s difficult to nurture my creative side in a corporate setting. I didn’t grow up wishing to work for a corporation… it wasn’t even on my radar. I have gone through multiple periods of discontent when I didn’t feel like I was as creatively fulfilled as I should be, whatever that meant.

My day-to-day gets further and further away from my creative roots as a manager and I can feel the dust accumulating. To counter-balance, I’ve been setting aside time to nurture the novice. Writing was one avenue for me but I also pick at a ukulele, flirt with bodybuilding as a hobby, and read books I don’t entirely understand.

Careers put you in a specific mindset. They become monsters you have to feed or they will die. Being a novice reminds me these pressures are made up. One step every day keeps the dust from settling.

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