There Is No Secret

November 14, 2016 •  creative

Every time you start, it gets easier to start. Every time you stop, it gets easier to stop.

When people look at learning a new skill, often the most difficult stage to get over is starting and then continuing the momentum. Momentum begets momentum. Some people use the word passion to explain this, but passion is the wrong word. It’s discipline they’re looking for.

I started writing every day for at least one hour about two months ago. The majority of what I write never gets published. That doesn’t matter. That’s not the point. There is no expert on earth who hasn’t put in the work.

There are going to be days when I hate writing, like today–I cannot think of anything else but the recent election. I’m going to write anyway, even if it’s not the most insightful thing I can offer. This applies to everything; the gym, work, and other hobbies. Even on my worst days, I go anyway.

When people look at my streaks they ask me, “What’s the secret?” There is no secret. You just show up.


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