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Product Design Mentorship

Learn from me and fast-track your career

Learn through practice

Work directly with an experienced mentor to learn the fundamentals of visual design and product design.

Build a portfolio

Design products that will make up a portfolio you can use to get yourself into the door for a design job.

Accomplish your goals

Receive fast actionable feedback on how to improve your work tailored specifically to your goals.

Practice presentation

Better understand how to work in a team by practicing how to present and receive feedback.

Why me and not a bootcamp
  • Self-taught, formally trained: I know how to bridge the best of both worlds.

  • Experience is broad: I’ve worked for clients from start-ups to large corporations, in environments from agency to product, on projects from environmental to branding to digital.

  • Technically strong: I’ve worked for one of the world’s best product companies for the past four years. I know what it’s like to build product at a team size of 150 and 2000+.

  • Been a manager: I can help you assess, refine, and reach your goals in an accountable way. I had done that for my own reports for two years.

  • Experienced teacher: I’ve been teaching Design for the past three years. I can explain complex topics simply and believe in learning theory through practice.

  • Hire me to guide you and you will be leagues ahead of where you are by the end of it.

who this can help

Students looking to join the industry

If you need help starting a career in design, I can help introduce you to the craft and what to expect in the industry.

Designers looking to level up quickly

If you’re self-taught and have a few projects under your belt, I can help refine your work and presentation.

Front-End Developers adding skills

Adding a Designer skillset to your repertoire can make you more desirable to employers and a better teammate.

  • Typography
    Illustration of the word type with baseline and x-height lines
  • Colour Theory
    Illustration of three colour circles overlapping
  • Grids & Layout
    Illustration of a grid with layout elements
  • Art Direction
    Illustration of an image with type laid over it
  • Design Methods
    Illustration of a chart
  • Product Thinking
    Illustration of a brief turning into a product app

past and current students

Picture of Toby Castro
Hired Helen to build a portfolio with him

While she does have the answers for many things related to design and front-end development this wasn’t her goal. Motivating me to learn how to come to the answer was the goal. This approach helped instill intuitive characteristics that I needed to complete the next design or coding challenge.

She truly cares about the success of her students. I’m happy that she pushed me to produce better work than I could have on my own during my bright beginnings. Highly recommend.

Toby Castro currently working at HomeAway

Picture of Kelly Dern
Hired Helen to HELP HER switch from print design to product design

She was an amazing mentor, guiding me through my projects and always providing clear, specific, and thoughtful feedback. She has endless patience for her students and never made me feel uncomfortable about my work or asking for feedback. She taught me front-end development through pair programming and product design principles for iOS/Android and responsive web.

More importantly, she taught me how to be confident about myself as a Designer and to really challenge myself to be better. I really credit her mentorship to my being able to make a career transition to Product Design. Even now when I work on client projects I think to myself, "What would Helen say about this?

Kelly Dern currently working at Google Nest

Picture of Mike Torosian
Hired Helen to finesse Design skills of a front-end developer

Being largely self taught [...] when I missed out on a job opportunity to someone who was "more polished" that I realized it was time to invest in my career and look for an opportunity to improve through a mentorship.

After our initial interview I was confident that Helen's vast experience in design both from an educational and professional standpoint would be the perfect fit for the growth I was looking for.

Helen spends the time necessary to ensure that I understand concepts thoroughly but doesn't just hand me the answer which is hugely beneficial. I'm expected to work and she has the experience to know when to step in and guide and when to step back and let me figure things out. It's both challenging and rewarding which is exactly what a mentorship should be.

Mike Torosian current student



USD / session, weekly

  • meet with me weekly for an hour

  • email anytime for feedback during the week

  • ~10-24 hours of work / week

  • takes ~9-12 months to build a new portfolio

book a consultation

Let’s talk about where you are and your goals. I can walk you through how I can get you there and go over the details of how we can work together.

Please note: I have no more spots available for 2018. Add yourself to the mailing list below for the next time I open new spots.