Lessons from 2019

Published December 05, 2019

I haven’t been secret about this year being difficult for me: I placed a lot of emphasis on my goals and staying home. It was a year of bedding patience: how long does it take to change the way you eat? the way you train? to build muscle? to fall in love? to build a community at home? to study for a university exam? to build an app? a company? And while all that was being answered, my pièce de résistance was to figure out what is up with Texas.

This all takes longer than you think (especially figuring out Texas) and what you find hard is going to come easy while you struggle with things you never accounted for.

This coming year my intention is to focus on my main goals: build my company and my physique. The rest will fall where it will and I intend to observe and see what happens. I’m feeling good about 2020 though: we’re going to be profitable and I’m going to take home first.

Summary: 2019 – The Year of Heartbreaks

Have you written one of these before? They’re timestamps of your life and can be a great way to remind yourself to be grateful for what has happened and what will happen.

  1. Sometimes things don’t work out and that’s it.
  2. Wealth is peace of mind.
  3. Love isn’t returned in equal measure. Try anyway.
  4. Have faith in your resilience.
  5. High performance is consistency.
  6. Insecurity screams louder than talent or skill ever could.
  7. Missing someone does not mean you made the wrong decision.
  8. Stay sweet.