Experiment 003

June 13, 2016 •  experiments

Programs: AE & Photoshop
Time spent: Five hours
Working files: Download on Dribbble

Basic animation to practice multiple masking and using null objects to position multiple layers over a prolonged timeframe. Animation ends rather abruptly for Photoshop’s arbitrary 500 frame export limit on GIFs.

  • I spent a lot of time fixing Keyframes in my pre-comps because I decided after I was done that I wanted different timing. Note to future me to figure out the layers/timing before pre-composing.
  • Outer glow looks really shitty when compressed down to a GIF. Had to redo the process a couple of times in order to learn this, may forego doing anything like this in the future if intending to publish it anywhere.
  • Have a firm grasp of keyframes + basic animation now, ready to try other things. Pegging the circular completion graphic for better animation in the future and this one probably could have used a drag motion to indicate the user scrolling the content upwards.
  • Photoshop won’t export GIFs which have more than 500 frames. I tried making ways to get around this but after about an hour and a half I gave up trying and just cropped the animation before it ended at a reasonable ending place.