Experiment 002

June 1, 2016 •  experiments

Programs: AE & Photoshop
Time spent: Six hours
Working files: Download on Dribbble

This is an app I really wish existed… I’m getting into more hiking as a hobby and I’m currently using Instagram as an informal journal of where I’ve been. Something more dedicated to hikers who love to write or take photographs would be much appreciated.

  • Gif exports annihilate colour. To reduce the impact when using a full-colour image, shave off as many seconds as possible and then export with more colours. It’s never perfect, but it’s better.
  • I got further with different easing curves. Cohesively it feels a little bit odd and I tried to solve that by pushing the various components together and staggering the animations.
  • Fading content in from the bottom (starting at the nav bar) instead of the title would have been simpler but I was trying to make it work from the title to lead the eye through the content. I can probably further refine this but I had sunk in too much time into replaying the animation and wanted to move on.
  • This animation was mostly about something more speedy so I didn’t add any bouncing to the curves. Making a note now to look into other plugins like Ease and Wizz when I’m ready.
  • I initially tried to be clever and create a different icon for community and then had a very good laugh when I zoomed out and they were deeply creepy. Can I still call myself a Graphic Designer?