Experiment 001

May 24, 2016 •  experiments

Programs: AE & Photoshop
Time spent: Five hours
Working files: Download on Dribbble

Inspiration for this type of menu I attribute to a video game series I adored growing up. They were the best at menus. Making a note to study more video games for future experiments.

  • This solution requires specific animations for every line depending on which link is chosen.
  • Gifs are really bad at displaying gradients. If I have any complex animations, I will have to adjust the background to suit.
  • There appears to be a discrepancy between the way AE & Photoshop display type even when the Character + Paragraph styles are identical. Adjusted this to only do type in AE if it’s associated to any animations. Wasted time on this.
  • Had to rebuild the animated icon + drop-down menu in AE as well. Wondering now if it makes sense to build the entire thing in AE.
  • Slow animations may be annoying when opening + closing menus. Sped this particular animation up a lot in order to avoid fatique.
  • On second thought, the speed may be what’s making it look like there’s no easing at all. Perhaps the curve velocity at the beginning was too intense to be visible. Not sure if that’s a bad thing.
  • With the cursor animation I made + some icons this process will most likely be faster.