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Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor, which should be obvious, but just in case this disclaimer is here. I take zero responsibility for you. Do some heavy reading or research before taking anything here too seriously.[1] I mean it.

Second Disclaimer: Do not read this if you think all drugs are bad or make people emotionally and intellectually unstable or irresponsible. I don’t have enough patience to describe why that position is ignorant so it’s just easier to suggest you don’t read this.

I first heard of the term micro-dosing on Reddit and ignored it as I wasn’t sure if Lucy was for me. Having spent my formative years enjoying the company of Mary Jane, I wasn’t sure if I was ready to switch women.

Lucy has had a recent resurgence in tech culture, popularized by tech bro gurus, so I did some further research into the topic. An interview with Dr. James Fadiman by Tim Ferriss[2] led me to picking up “The Psychedelic Explorer’s Guide.”[3] While the research is admittedly old, I was happy to consider the possibility that I was wrong. After all, the book has quotes like this in it,

It was the greatest experience of my life.

So I procured myself some fun-tertainment doses and tried it a couple of times. I was feeling quite pleased… I was wrong about Lucy.

“I understood that our entire universe is contained in the mind and the spirit. We may choose not to find access to it, we may even deny its existence, but indeed it is inside us…” –Alexander Shulgin

Curiosity got the best of me and I decided to try micro-dosing. This led me to planning a series of dates over the course of a month to experiment on myself.


Micro-dosing is taking a small amount of a compound every few days. LSD comes on blotter paper and due to the irregulality of it, it’s hard to gauge how much of the drug you’re taking. To minimize this, the popular suggestion is to use volumetric dosing to take the drug.

Volumetric dosing allows you to more or less take the same amount each time instead of leaving it up to chance. It’s still not an exact science, but for a home DIY-er, it’s the best you can do.

Micro-dosages are between 10-20ug (micrograms). In general, tab, or one hit, starts at 100ug and climb upwards so a micro-dose is much less than what you would normally take. Fun-tertainment doses are around the 100-200ug mark. At such a low dosage (for me, 10ug) you receive none of the hallucinogenic effects which Lucy is famous for. What you get is, generally, a mood amplifier or enhancer.

The Experiment

I started in November taking it once every four days. On the second day, you’re still feeling the effects. On the third day, you rest to avoid building tolerance. On the fourth day, you dose again. I stopped at the beginning of December.

This was the extent of the experiment. I was not scientific about it, I did not go in with any expectations, and I didn’t tell anyone about it until it was over.

The biggest issue I have with micro-dosing experimentations is that it seems like there’s a bit of a placebo effect going on. I’m wary of anything which is claimed to solve everything and after reading some other accounts it sounded a bit too much like people were treating it as a panacea.

The Results

During the month I was happier and friendlier overall. I originally said I was more productive and creative on some days but it’s hard to tell if that wasn’t simply the normal ebb and flow of life. In general, Lucy made me more open. This sentiment has been echoed by many dosers.

The only negative side effect I noted is that it tends to make me less hungry. Since this impedes my fitness goals I stopped. In the end, micro-dosing was enjoyable but it wasn’t making enough marked improvements in my life to justify continuing it. When it comes to fulfillment and happiness, living by my values and working on my emotional IQ has had a more noticeable effect than micro-dosing and is permanent.

Tread carefully.

↩︎ [1] This YouTube channel ↗︎ is a great place to start.

↩︎ [2] This sentence is not meant to imply I am a fan of Mr. Ferriss. Please do not try to engage in conversation with me about him ever.

↩︎ [3] James Fadiman, The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide↗︎, 2011

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