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All seven continents by 30, I wrote. I wanted to be the person that could say that. On December 16th 2017 I became that person and suddenly I had some anxieties to contend with–somewhere along the way to becoming that person the goal post had disappeared.

As I watched the other seven continents citizens hold their celebratory sign on the Antarctic peninsula, I wondered what I had wanted all those years ago. I was curious. I wanted a world that wasn’t available to me. I had learned somewhere that being well-travelled came hand-in-hand with a well-lived life but I had no idea what that meant. It sounded nice to a thirteen year old me.

During the last years of visiting the final continents I had been slowing down. I questioned why I was doing it and what I thought I’d find. Perhaps I had made a mistake… correlating distance travelled to depth of wisdom.

I wanted to be more mature, more compassionate, more calm. I had always been in love with getting older. What I had originally thought I wanted this for had already happened though. Through the natural process of living my life, I picked all these things up naturally and most of the lessons weren’t found in physical locations.

It turns out it doesn’t take that much to go to a place. Or many places, even. It turns out it meant much more to stay. To choose to not move. To choose to live the day-in and day-out of the mundane and believe every day that you should be exactly where you are doing exactly what you’re doing.

Does this mean that ambitious girl within will stop setting goals? Never. Perhaps it simply means that she’s finally understood that a goal post is not the destination.

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