Creating websites for 15 years

Internet OG

I’m a Product Designer. I’m currently managing a design team and use words like scaling and holistic when referring to them or our projects.

Part-time, I’ve mentored students at Bloc for the past two years but am now looking for new ways to change design education.

I started my career working for a documentary film maker. He won some awards and I met Martin Sheen. I moved to a branding agency and started a photography business. After my work was published in a few newspapers and magazines, I sold my camera and equipment and quit my branding job. I passed through a start-up before I found Jet Cooper and six months later we were acquired by a product company. It's now 3.5 years later.

I make time for travel, stalking stand-up comedians, writing, and the gym. I live with two succulents named Dante and Sedona.