Creating websites for 15 years

Internet OG

I’m a Designer currently working as a Design Lead at Shopify. I work on growing our design practice and building an application platform.

I was* an entrepreneur and have been working for/with entrepreneurs for my whole life. I like the movement of money and this motivates me to build tools to lead people to financial independence.

Aside from making money move, I enjoy spending time on the next generation of designers. I mentored students at Bloc for two years and now make myself available for newcomers to the industry.

I believe Design is a wonderful viewpoint from which to see the world. I teach, mentor, speak, and write, all in an effort to make this viewpoint accessible to everyone at all levels and disciplines.

In my spare time, I travel, stalk stand-up comedians, and spend time at the gym. Two succulents (Dante and Sedona) and some human friends are involved in my life as well. Both groups are very nice to me.

* Can this be used in past tense?


DM me if you want me around. I prefer panels, workshops, and podcast formats. No, I don't want to talk or write specifically about being a woman in tech.

Recent Past

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02/2017–Talk, Humber College, (Canada)
12/2016–Interview, Shopify (read)
11/2016–Podcast, Trav & Los (listen)
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10/2016–Panel, Epicurrence, (USA)
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