CEO & Founder of Jupiter, Product Designer, hobbyist writer

picture of Helen Tran

My last 12 years have been spent designing and creating things, mostly software. My longest stint was at Shopify, as it scaled from 300 to 3000+ employees, on the foundations of their App Platform and their product design team in Toronto. I did this while teaching design on the side as a way to foster growth in my profession.

In Canada, my work is used by a couple of large grocery chains and by mostly everyone buying a movie ticket online. Worldwide, it has impacted 500,000+ Shopify merchants, the developers building for them, and their customers buying through social media channels.

These days I work at Jupiter building software for personal care professionals. I wrote about why I'm doing this here.

My spare time is spent writing, thru-hiking long trails, studying, and competing in physique competitions. I live in Toronto with a lizard named Omelette.