46 Books Later

I've always been an avid reader however I have never committed to reading more than what I usually do in a year; I typically average around 10 per year. In 2015, I decided I was going to set aside more time for reading so I did and managed to get through 46. It was a long yet satisfying resolution.

The 46; From Best to Worst

The Best

The Systems Bible
It's really hard to describe this book. It's about systems design, sorta. If you're into nihilistic humour or you're Russian, buy this book now. Warning: it's very weird.

Creativity, Inc.
Everyone would love to see what's inside of one of the world's most creative companies. Ed's advice on management is also a must for anyone in leadership.

Moonwalking with Einstein
A well-written and true story about a guy who infiltrates the not-so-secret society of those who memorize cards and other pointless things.

The Art of Asking
This book came to me when I needed it and made me a forever fan of her thoughtful albeit scattered writing. In the audiobook, she sings to you.

Water for Elephants
It's been a while since I've purposely read a love story. It's arguable whether or not it's a love story about a woman or a circus; it's quite beautiful.

Christian Rudder tells stories about who we are using the data behind OkCupid and other datasets. For a book based on data, it's surprisingly not dry.

The Runners-Up

The Okay

The Wish-I-Quit

How to Read

  • Read only the books you want to read.
    If a book you're reading makes you want to stop reading, then stop reading it. Listen: let's say you're the most diligent reader out there and average 52 books a year. Let's also say you've got a spring in your step and you will live another 50 years. That's only time for 2500 books! There are millions out there. Put that shitty one down.
  • Read or listen.
    I've read some and I've listened to others. I prefer audiobooks in general because I can do mindless things with my hands (chores, mostly.) Find a format you like so you're not deterred.
  • Read both non-fiction and fiction.
    Variety keeps my passion for reading strong. If I'm reading a lot of heavy books, reading a lighter one in between with a fictional story becomes even more fun.
  • Read that guy's other book.
    Notice you like someone's voice? Great! Read their other book. You'll start finding authors who appeal to readers of these books and suddenly you're no longer in shortage of books to read.

Happy reading!

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