Helen Tran

Product Designer

I help shape the future of commerce at Shopify and mentor UX Designers at Bloc. I love asking why.

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September 2015 • 

The Night I Met "Hate"

My life generally has been pretty positive. I was raised by two parents whose commitment to their partnership is nothing short of a miracle....


August 2015 • 

Design is Art or Something

When I was on a solo portion of a road trip in Iceland I absorbed a few books on my reading list, one of...


August 2015 • 

Let's Talk Money

We're going to talk about money. Here are some numbers: A business charges $2500/student. There are 25 students per cohort every three months for...


July 2015 • 

A New Way of Communication

One of the biggest challenges over the course of a Designer’s career is understanding how to communicate. Communication could encompass the traditional methods, like...


January 2015 • 

Lookbook; a Shopify theme

At the beginning of 2014, Shopify released my theme Lookbook. It was my first theme for Shopify and it has gone on to become...


December 2014 • 

Deliberate Practice: Becoming a Design Grand Master

When Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, is referenced, the 10,000 hour rule (or the ten-year rule) is typically just glossed over as, “10,000 hours of...


November 2014 • 

Timber; Shopify's Theme Framework

The first team I was placed on at Shopify was the Themes team. The mandate of this team is to make it easier for...


September 2014 • 

From the Desk of the Politely Angry

I sat in the audience while someone stood in front of me using sex and women as punchlines in his talk. Throughout the hour,...


July 2014 • 

JIBO and Our Relationships with Personal Electronics

In Sherry Tuckle’s TED talk, Connected but alone?, she observes that the way we are looking at relationships is changing. People want to connect...


June 2014 • 

This is Water

David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech for Kenyon graduates in 2005 opens with a parable, Two young fish are swimming along and they happen to...


January 2014 • 

The Future of UI and the Dream of the '90s

I once worked for a client where I was the only Designer on the team and the only female involved in building the product....